How to Get Rid of Dark Toenails

If buffing away dark spots doesn't work, maybe a paint on medication to banish infection will.

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Smooth, sexy feet are crucial if you're going to hang out at the beach all summer or when you want to rock the latest pair of peep-toe shoes. Dark toenails can rain on your parade and make you want to hide away until they're gone. Luckily, most of the time dark toenails are the result of a simple fungal infection, and can be treated without hurting your feet or your pride.


Take off your toenail polish if you notice dark spots on your nails. Buff your toes with a nail buffer and assess. It's possible that you've had a false alarm and your dark toenails are just stained from a dark nail polish. If this is the case, the discoloration will go away when you buff.


See your doctor if your toenails are not a pretty sight and are not only dark, but thick and crumbly like you'd imagine an ogre's nails to be. The final word about toenails given by a medical professional is your best bet instead of trying to self-diagnose the problem.


Take anti-fungal medications prescribed by your doctor. It's easy, you'll just need to pop a pill once or twice a day. Keep up with the routine as long as your doctor tells you to, even if your toes are looking more human before your script runs out.


Paint your nails with a special medication that gets rid of the infection. Administer your medicated pedicure every day for a week, then remove all of the medicine with alcohol wipes and start over. Your doctor will tell you how long to keep up this practice; some people need to use the topical medications for months to stay infection-free.


Keep your feet dry at all costs. Towel off well after a shower or a run and wear cotton socks to soak up any excess moisture that can lurk in dark corners and turn into a nail infection. This is important while you're treating your dark toenails, as moisture can impede healing.

Things You'll Need


1.Nail polish remover

3.Nail buffer

5.Cotton socks

2.Cotton balls




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