How to Get Rid of Common Warts Under the Nails

Trim your nails to easily treat those unwanted warts.

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Let's face it, warts are not pretty. It's bad enough to have these flesh-colored growths on your feet or hands, but warts under your nails can interfere with your manicures and nail health. Common warts are caused by HPV, the same virus that can cause genital warts and cervical cancer, but don't freak out; warts under your nails -- called subungual or periungual warts -- are generally harmless. The real challenge is accessing the growths in order to treat them, but let's call it an adventure instead. With the right treatment, your hands and toes will be smooth and sexy again.


Keep your nails short to get rid of the warts more easily. Any medication you use to zap the warts has to be able to reach and penetrate your skin. Long talons just won't cut it in this case.


Paint your nails, but forgo the nail polish. Slather wart removal medication on the tips of your fingers or toes. Salicylic-based products are available over the counter. If the warts are not too far down under your nails, the medicine will penetrate the skin and the warts will resolve themselves Your doctor may also apply a blister-inducing medication called cantharidin to the warts, reports


Have a futuristic-sounding treatment called cryotherapy to get rid of periungual warts. Cryotherapy is the application of liquid nitrogen to your skin. The nitrogen actually freezes off the growths. How's that for your very own science fiction saga?

Things You'll Need


1.Nail clippers

2.Wart removal medication


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