How to Get Rid of Acne Marks on Buttocks

Banish your acne scars and bare your beautiful booty without worry.

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Don't let acne make you bashful about the state of your booty. Acne on the buttocks, also known as butt-ne or butt acne, is every bit as painful and embarrassing as acne on your face. And once the bumps clear up, you are left with scars that serve as a painful reminder of the acne you had. Thanks to modern medicine, there are plenty of options to completely remove any lingering scars on your behind. Treat them now and turn your formerly bumpy butt into a beach-ready rump.


Exfoliate the skin on your rear every time you shower. Use a loofah or exfoliating cloth to whisk away old skin cells. This is a double-whammy treatment because it removes the top layer of skin to help clear scars and also gets rid of dead skin that could lead to future acne outbreaks.


Apply an acne scar remover cream. Look for creams with alpha hydroxy acids and botanical extracts that clear scars by both softening and removing them. The cream does not have to be specifically labeled for body acne; the same scar cream that works on one kind of cheeks is just as effective on the other.


Try laser resurfacing (exfoliation of skin with a laser) or dermabrasion (exfoliation of skin by a metal tool). Both of these methods are performed by dermatologists and are ideal for reducing or removing scars in a hurry.


Have your dermatologist give you injections of steroids or medication directly into the scar tissue. It may sound painful, but it is an option for stubborn scars.


Undergo punch excision surgery for small but deep scars (the ones that look like pin pricks that never go away). This procedure removes the entire scar for good.


See your dermatologist or a licensed practitioner to have a chemical peel. This involves applying a thin layer of mild acidic solution, which eats away the top layer of skin and any scars it may contain. This is more expensive than scar creams, but less expensive than surgical procedures.

Things You'll Need


1.Loofah or exfoliating cloth

2.Acne scar remover cream


Tips & Tricks


Be sure your butt acne is completely cleared up to prevent scars. Follow a dermatologist-recommended skin treatment regimen. Preventing new acne prevents new scars from rearing their ugly heads.


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