How to Do Retro Hair

If you can curl your hair, you can do retro hair.

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The popular hairstyles of the 1940s pinup girls have come back with a bang, and it isn't any more difficult to do retro hair than it is to do any other hairstyle. With the right combination of products and tools, you can re-create a curly, sultry look like Veronica Lake and friends in no time. You will need hair that is long enough to curl for this style to work for you.


Wash and dry your hair thoroughly, then apply a hair care product throughout your hair that promises a combination of volume, hold and shine or frizz control.


Create a side part in your hair with a comb. On one side of the part, separate your hair into two sections side by side, then split these sections into two sections each, top and bottom. Repeat this on the other side of your part and in the back of your hair for a total of 12 sections. Pin each section up by twisting it and holding it in place with a hair clip.


Unclip one section at a time and comb through the hair. Wrap the hair around a medium-sized curling iron and hold until it gets too hot to touch. Keep the curling iron level and straight as you work; the iron should be parallel to the floor.


Pull the curling iron out of the hair gently, maintaining the shape of the curl. Roll the curled hair into a hair roller to maintain the shape and pin or clip it in place with the roller clips. Repeat steps three and four until you have curled and rolled all of your hair.


Wait for your hair dry, then gently release each curl. Use a comb to create an S-shaped curl pattern all over your head.


Pull the front sections of your hair toward the back in a curled or spiraled shape. Pin in place with bobby pins. Spray your whole head with hairspray.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair care products

3.Hair clips

5.Hair rollers and clips



4.Curling iron

6.Bobby pins


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