How to Repair Damaged Dyed Hair

Dyed hair needs tender, loving care.

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Blond today, burgundy tomorrow, then black next week. Hair dye lets you change your hair color with your mood -- or to match a cute outfit! Unfortunately, hair dye can also wreak havoc on the health of your hair. According to Canada's hair guru Michael Victor, "chemical processes break down the natural proteins in hair and weaken it." To rebuild and repair those tired tresses, treat your hair to products specially designed for dyed, damaged hair.


Wash and condition your hair with products designed for damaged, color-treated hair. Products with protein or keratin rebuild your hair and help it recover its fabulous shine and health.


Give your hair a little extra moisture by spritzing leave-in conditioner over your damp hair. Concentrate on the tips, which tend to be drier. After spraying, comb the knots out using a wide-toothed comb. Never brush your hair when it's wet as brushing can cause breakage. Be gentle on your mane, baby!


Let your hair air-dry, whenever possible. If you're in a rush to work or want to style your hair special for a date, blow dry on a low-heat setting. Be sure to hold the dryer an arm's length from your head. Stylist Michael Victor warns, "when you blow dry with the nozzle right against the hair, all you get is concentrated heat that fries the cuticle." Fried cuticles amount to dry, frizzy, damaged hair. Not cute.


Apply a deep-conditioning hair mask once a week. Smooth the product over your hair and leave in place for 15 minutes before rinsing out.


Trim your hair every six weeks to get rid of the dried, damaged ends. Get a stylist to give you a cut that works with your hair's natural texture so you won't need to use heat styling products to look gorgeous.

Things You'll Need


1.Shampoo for color-treated hair

3.Leave-in conditioner

5.Blow dryer

2.Conditioner for color-treated hair

4.Wide-toothed comb

6.Deep-conditioning treatment mask


Tips & Tricks


Avoid using a curling or straightening iron on damaged hair. Instead, try wrapping wet hair around Velcro rollers and leave until dry. When dry, unwrap and style.


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