Renaissance Hairstyles for Short Hair

Curls were popular during the Renaissance.

Photo: Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

Whether you have a hot date to a Renaissance festival, or you want to make a fashion statement by going really retro, the Renaissance period offers several stylish options for short hair. The hair fashions of the Renaissance were precursors to many modern 'dos. You can adapt the conventions of this era to today's short hair. For inspiration, visit an art museum and check out the fab hair fashions in the paintings of masters such as da Vinci, van Eyck and Bosch.

Adorn It

Jewels and lush fabrics weren't just for the body in the Renaissance period. Stylish women wrapped their hair with strands of pearls and other jewels, or swathed their tresses in silk scarves or lengths of filmy gauze. These are great techniques for adding an impression of length to even the shortest hair. Hair pins and barrettes will help keep your hair adornments in place.

Fake It

Though Renaissance paintings often picture women — and men — with long, flowing locks, not all of this hair is the wearer's own. Hair pieces were popular during the Renaissance. One popular look featured smooth, straight hair in the front with a waterfall of crimped curls behind. Pin on a fall of fake hair and use a wide ribbon to hide the juncture between the real and not-so-real hair.

Curl It

Curls were the rage during the Renaissance. Shape your short locks into ringlets all over your head and finish with a simple ribbon or even a crown of flowers. Wrap hair around a curling iron or roll in old-fashioned sponge rollers for a flurry of loose curls.

Add a Headband

Many Renaissance paintings feature women with elaborate, jeweled headbands. You can wear one of these bands with the shortest hair. Dress up a plain headband by glueing on strings of pearls, gold braid and other findings from a fabric store.

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