How do I Remove White Out From Clothes?

Save your clothes from white out stains and get back to work.

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Wite-Out is a brand name correction fluid made by Bic. The white substance that you paint on your paper so you can make corrections can get messy if the application brush drips or the bottle spills. Getting Wite-Out on your clothing doesn't mean your outfit is ruined. In many cases, you can remove Wite-Out from your clothes through a simple washing.


Read the label of your Wite-Out product to determine which variety of correction fluid you're using. According to Bic, the fluid is either water-based or petroleum-based. "Regular" Wite-Out is water based; the quick dry, super smooth and multipurpose formulas are among those that are petroleum-based, and classified as grease stains.


Wash clothes that have been stained with water-based Wite-Out in a regular load of laundry with your normal laundry detergent. The water-based correction fluid is equivalent to a water-based paint and will be eliminated with normal washing.


Treat petroleum-based Wite-Out stains with a laundry stain remover or rub the stain with liquid laundry detergent. Let the treatment product penetrate the stain for a full minute before washing.


Wash your clothing as you normally would. Add some chlorine bleach to your wash load, if the fabric is bleach-safe. Read the care tag and add bleach according to the manufacturer's directions.


Hang your clothing to dry after washing. When the garment is dry, inspect for Wite-Out residue. You might accidentally set stains that remain if you use the clothes dryer.


Spot-treat stubborn correction fluid stains with mineral spirits. This chemical is available at hardware or home improvement stores. Place the clothing on paper towels and dab the spirits on the stain. Rinse in clear, cool water and wash in the washing machine again.

Things You'll Need


1.Stain removal product

3.Chlorine bleach

5.Mineral spirits

2.Laundry detergent

4.Washing machine

6.Paper towels


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