How to Remove White Lint From Black Pants

Don't let lint cramp your style.

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Gliding out the door, you look down only to notice your black slacks are dotted with white lint. After cursing the dreaded lint that seems to develop out of thin air, you race back into the house to remove the white beast that has accosted your black pants. Unfortunately, the color black is a magnet for anything white or light colored, which attaches itself mercilessly to clothes and clings for dear life. Step out boldly by gleaning the white lint monster from your black pants.


Lay black pants on a flat surface such as a bed. Glide the lint roller in one direction down the length of the pants. Place the roller at the top of the pants again and make another swipe. When finished rolling on one side, flip the pants over and continue on the opposite side.


Wrap masking tape around four fingers of one hand. Make sure you wrap the tape with the sticky side facing out. Press your taped hand over the pants, removing the white lint. You may need to retape your hand if the stickiness wears off on the masking tape.


Cut a fine-grit sandpaper into a 4-inch-by-4-inch piece. Lightly slide the sandpaper over the black pants, letting the paper grab the lint from the fabric. Do not rub the sandpaper into the fabric unless you want holes in your pants. Use gentle pressure only with the sandpaper.


Moisten a clean cloth. Gently wipe it over the black pants. The moisture in the cloth grabs the lint from the fabric. Make sure the cloth is damp only to keep the pants from becoming too wet.

Things You'll Need


1.Lint roller

3.Fine-grit sandpaper

2.Masking tape



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