How to Remove Wax From Leather Boots

Leather boots are a wardrobe staple, so don't let a blob of wax ruin them.

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Imagine that your Prince Charming has surprised you with a romantic candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant, and that you just happen to be wearing your oh-so-sexy leather boots that are perfect for just such an occasion. But then.... tragedy strikes! The candles that were so romantic just a few seconds ago have turned on you, dripping molten wax onto your favorite boots. How are you supposed to concentrate on gazing into each other's eyes, when inside your head you are screaming "they're ruined, my favorite boots are ruined!" Fear not, and continue to enjoy your evening safe in the knowledge that there are several easy solutions for removing wax from leather.

Freezer Method


Place the wax-stained boot inside a plastic bag, then place this inside your freezer. The bag is not essential, but it keeps any dirt from the bottom of the boot from getting into contact with food stuffs.


Leave the boot in the freezer for at least an hour. The freezing temperature will make the wax as hard and brittle as it can be, which makes it easy to scrape it off the leather.


Remove the bag from the freezer, take the boot out of the bag, then get to work scraping the wax off with a plastic spatula. Hold the leather taut with one hand and gently scrape with the other. Don't be tempted to use a metal knife or anything harder than the spatula as it may damage the leather.

Hair Dryer Method


Place your boot on a flat surface with the wax stain facing upward. If possible, keep the stained part parallel to the surface to prevent the wax from spreading further.


Turn your hair dryer to a hot setting and direct the hot air over the wax. When you see the wax begin to melt, wipe it away with a baby wipe.


Continue blow-drying the wax and wiping away the residue until a baby wipe comes away clean. At this point, you have removed as much wax as you can using this method.

Iron Method


Turn your iron to a medium setting, and while it is heating up, position the boot so that you will be able to iron over the wax stain.


Place a sheet of brown paper over the wax stain and press the iron over the top of the paper. Wiggle the iron over the stain for a few seconds, then remove it and peel back the brown paper.


Examine the brown paper for wax residue, which should soak into the paper and leave a greasy looking mark. If you don't see any residue, turn the heat up a notch on the iron and try again. If you do see residue, reposition the paper so that a clean part of it is covering the wax and iron over it again.


Continue in this manner, moving the paper around, ironing over it and soaking up the wax from the surface of the boot until it has completely disappeared.

Things You'll Need



3.Plastic spatula

5.Baby wipes

7.Ironing board

2.Plastic bag



8.Brown paper


Tips & Tricks


After removing the wax, polish your boots with a cream polish, preferably one with leather moisturizer in it.

If you have removed all the surface wax from your boots but the dye in the candle has left a stain, consult an professional leather cleaner or cobbler.

Only iron your boots through the brown paper, not directly, as this may damage the leather.


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