How Do I Remove an Underwire From a Bra?

Some people can find underwires uncomfortable and will need to remove them.

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Women who need extra support often opt for bras that contain underwire. Underwire are simply thin, arc-shaped pieces of metal, sewn into the fabric of the bra. But underwire is not for everyone. In fact, it can be downright uncomfortable at times. If you have had enough of your underwire and would like to remove it, the process only takes a matter of minutes if you have the right tool.


Lay the bra on a flat surface, inside facing up. Examine the bra and take note of the hollow band that lies just below each cup. These two bands contain the underwire.


Remove the threads that secure the outer edge of the hollow band located under the right cup. A seam ripper is the best tool for this job. Remove only the threads that are keeping the hollow band closed. Once the band is open, you will see the metal underwire.


Grip the metal underwire with your fingers and give it a gentle pull. The metal underwire should slide out without obstruction. Continue pulling until the metal underwire under the right cup has exited the fabric.


Repeat the process on the second underwire, located beneath the left cup. Dispose of the metal underwire and removed threads. Slip on your bra as you normally would.

Things You'll Need


1.Seam ripper


Tips & Tricks


There is no need to re-sew the openings to the hollow bands that held the underwire.

You can purchase seam rippers in fabric and craft stores.

Do not cut the hollow bands with a pair of scissors to expose the underwire. By cutting the bands, you also risk cutting the fabric of the bra. If you do not have a seam ripper, a straight-edged razor should do the trick.

Keep in mind that once you remove the underwire, your bra will not offer the same amount of support that it did before.


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