How to Remove Super Glue from Jewelry

Get Super Glue off your jewelry and make it sparkle like new.

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Not every diva removes her bracelets and rings before attempting to put together a table or model airplane -- after all, why buy sparkles if you're not going to rock them? Trouble is, Super Glue dries fast, and they don't call it super because it doesn't bond. Once you've got Super Glue on your jewelry, it's not as simple as polishing silver to get it off. Luckily, you can be your own cleaning magician and make the Super Glue disappear with a simple trick.


Soak a cotton ball in acetone -- it doesn't need to be pure. If you have nail polish remover lying around, waiting for a color-changing whim, now's the time to pull it out.


Press the cotton ball against your jewelry. Let it drip over the metal or stones to soften the Super Glue.


Slip the edge of your tweezers under the Super Glue without gouging or scratching the metal. You can use your fingernail, or anything else that will pry up the glue.


Work the glue off the metal or stones slowly. It should pry up once you've weakened it with acetone.


Swirl an old toothbrush -- one you don't plan to use again, of course -- in the acetone. Use it to gently scrub away at the Super Glue until it's gone.

Things You'll Need




2.Cotton balls



Tips & Tricks


Prevention works better than anything else: take off your jewelry before you use Super Glue.

Acetone may stain some fabrics, and there's no reason to reduce your wardrobe -- be really careful with the stuff.

Never, ever use acetone on emeralds. It damages them.


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