How to Remove Starch From Clothes

Loosen starched shirts by soaking them in detergent.

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That new shirt looked rad on the department store's counter, but as soon as you got it home you realized you could use it as a bookend. Starch keeps clothes crisp and wrinkle-free, but too much leaves the fabric feeling stiff and unyielding. Lose the robot look of overly starched material and opt for a flowing and flexible style for your shirts and pants.


Fill a laundry tub or sink with hot water. Add 1 tbsp. liquid detergent and 1 tsp. fabric softener to the water and swish it with your hand to distribute the cleaners evenly. The hot water, along with the detergent and softener, loosens starch from fabric, allowing you to kick the stiffness out of your wardrobe.


Dunk shirts, dresses or pants into the water. Lift them in and out of the liquid so the detergent and softener soaks into the fabric evenly. Let the stiff material soak for two hours.


Drain the sink and squeeze out the excess water from the clothes by pushing the liquid from the fabric. Avoid taking out your frustrations by wringing the material; that could stretch the delicate fibers.


Place the clothing in the washer and clean normally with 2 tbsp. liquid detergent. Dry the clothing on a clothesline or on low heat in the dryer. Shake the clothes after drying and examine them for any rigidness. If they remain taut, repeat the procedure starting with the soaking technique and leave them overnight before washing.

Things You'll Need


1.Liquid detergent

2.Fabric softener


Tips & Tricks


Tell dry cleaners to avoid over-starching your clothes.


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