How to Remove Stains With Hot Water

Keep your clothes looking new with hot water and soap.

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That cashmere sweater you had a great time in at the bar last week didn't make it home in the same condition as when it left. Yep, somehow, something got spilled on it. Stains can ruin fabric and clothes. But no worries. The hottest water and detergent work wonders.


Determine whether your garment is dry cleaning only or able to be laundered, and if so, how high a water temperature it can tolerate. Most clothes have special labels located on a small tag in the back or side.


Soak stain overnight in room-temperature water. Turn the garment inside out before you apply any cleaning solution. Add liquid detergent right onto the stain. Wash garment by itself in the hottest water this garment can tolerate and detergent. Repeat several times if the stain has not come out.


Dry in the dryer only after the stain has come out. If you dry the garment before the stain has been removed, you will set the stain permanently.

Things You'll Need


1.Washing machine



Tips & Tricks


React quickly to stains. Aging, heat and certain laundering practices can make stains impossible to get out.

Do not use hot water on proteins, because it will set the stain and make it impossible to get out.

Never use chlorine and ammonia together. They produce toxic fumes.


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