How to Remove Rubber Stains From Clothes

Don't launder clothes with rubber stains.

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Accidents happen to your gear. Sometimes they're gross, sometimes they're funny, and some are, "How the hell did this happen?" Rubber falls into the last category. If you got rubber on your outfit, you have a couple of home cleaning options to get the grit out without the pricey help of a dry cleaner. Since you'll need to put some muscle behind it, you may want to take delicates to the dry cleaner for a more gentle cleaning; otherwise, have at it!

Oil Method


Scrape off as much rubber as you can using a knife, but don't gouge your goods. If the rubber's gooey, put your stuff on ice to chill it out until the rubber's hard enough that you can scrape away at it.


Pour some tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil or orange oil onto a cloth. Touch the oil to the stain, getting the remaining rubber lubed up.


Holding your fingers against the back of the cloth, rub the oil in with your fingers to dissolve the rubber's hold on your clothes and reclaim your gear.


Repeat, till there's no traces of the rubber left. After, throw your gear in the laundry to have it good as new. Pre-treat the area with laundry detergent before you wash, though.

Home Dry-Clean Method


Scrape the rubber again, to prep your piece.


Cover the stain with dry-cleaning solvent, squirting the solvent onto your clothes.


Brush the solvent into the stain using a soft-bristled brush. Wipe off the rubber as it flakes off.


Repeat with more solvent, more scrub action, and more brushing till the rubber's all gone.


Pre-treat the area with laundry detergent, then wash your clothes.

Things You'll Need




5.Soft-bristled brush

2.Tea tree, eucalyptus or orange oil

4.Dry-cleaning solvent


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