How to Remove Old Nail Strengthener Before Adding More

Use a non-acetone remover to eliminate nail strengtheners.

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If you're a girl with fragile nails who has recently discovered nail strengtheners, listen up. It's always a good idea to remove the old strengthener before adding more. The change should be made once a week. You just need cotton balls and non-acetone nail polish remover to get the job done.


Saturate a cotton ball with non-acetone nail polish remover. Ordinary acetone polish can be very drying, and prolonged use of it can cause the nails to peel and split. Frequent use tends to unravel all of the good work that the nail strengthener is trying to accomplish.


Rub the cotton ball over your nails until the strengthener dissolves. This may take a minute or two. Saturate a second cotton ball with nail polish remover as the first begins to dry out.


Rub the second cotton ball over the nails until all traces of the strengthener are gone. Wash your hands immediately afterward with soap and water to remove nail polish remover residue.

Things You'll Need


1.Cotton ball

2.Non-acetone nail polish remover


Tips & Tricks


Once the nail strengthener has been removed, apply a fresh coat according to the manufacturer’s label instructions.

Do not use a nail strengthener if you have brittle nails. A nail strengthener will only make the condition worse. If your nails are brittle, almond or olive oil can help soften them.


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