How do I Remove the Metal Spray Top From Old Perfume Bottles?

Pry off the metal spray top from a perfume bottle.

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A perfume bottle with a spray top may spritz out the perfume effectively, but sometimes you may prefer an old-fashioned perfume decanter instead. You can remove the metal spray top from a perfume bottle with a few household tools. After you take off the metal spray top, find a pretty glass perfume bottle and use this as a perfume decanter for your favorite scent.


Pull the plastic spray nozzle straight up and off the perfume bottle.


Look at the sealing on the top of the perfume bottle. You will probably find some kind of plastic seal over a metal seal. Cut off the plastic seal first with a pocket knife--be careful not to slip with the knife and cut yourself.


Insert the tip of the pocket knife up under the crimped metal seal to pry it off--just the tip of the knife, though, because you don't want to crack the perfume bottle. Pry slightly with the pocket knife and remove the pocket knife from under the metal seal. Reposition the tip of the pocket knife about a third of the way around the metal seal and pry gently again. Repeat this maneuver one more time to loosen the metal seal just a bit more.


Place the pliers squarely around the loosened metal seal and pull straight up to remove it from the perfume bottle.

Things You'll Need


1.Sharp pocket knife



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