How to Remove Marks on a Shirt From Ironing

Light ironing marks can come out.

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Leave an iron too long on a garment and you can burn it from the heat, leaving behind brown or black scorch marks that render a shirt almost unwearable. Almost, because scorch marks from an iron can come off that shirt, provided they're light enough that they never singed the fabric. If you're on the fence about whether to treat a shirt, look for melted or burned fibers that tell you treatment's a no-go. If you don't see those, go ahead and save that shirt.


Coat the scorched area with hydrogen peroxide, using an eyedropper so you only coat the burned area.


Add a few drops of ammonia over the burned area, using the eyedropper again.


Allow the peroxide and ammonia to sit on the ironed shirt for at least several minutes and as long as an hour. Don't let them dry out; keep adding more peroxide and a little more ammonia if you need to.


Rinse the stain under water to remove the peroxide and ammonia.


Wash the shirt in your washer, adding color-safe oxygen bleach to the wash cycle.

Things You'll Need




2.Hydrogen peroxide

4.Oxygen bleach


Tips & Tricks


Shirts that are burned or heavily scorched from an iron cannot be restored to their original state, so evaluate the mark before you clean the shirt.


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