How to Remove Lint From Clothes After They Were Washed With Towels

Towels are notorious for shedding, so it's best to wash them separately.

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So you accidentally threw your favorite black sweater in the washer with a load of fabric-shedding towels, and now it has balls of lint all over it. And it's no secret that wearing a lint-filled garment out in public is a big fashion faux pas. So you need a remedy to solve your lint problem, stat! Luckily, there are a few methods you can use to get rid of towel lint on your clothing.


Rewash the lint-filled garment and let your washer do the work for you. Wash the garment in cold water on the smallest load size, and don't add any items that shed lint. Don't add detergent, but put fabric softener in the rinse cycle. Let the garment run through a complete wash cycle, then dry it according to the fabric's care label. The process of washing is what removes the lint, so it's not necessary to machine-dry the garment if you don't want to.


Grab a lint brush or roller and attack your fuzzy garment. Smooth the brush or roller over the garment until all of the lint is gone. If using a sticky lint roller, switch the tape to a fresh piece as it becomes full. Clean a lint brush with your fingers once it becomes full of fuzz.


Shave off the lint with a fabric shaver. This is a battery-operated device that literally shaves the fuzz off of clothing. Move the head of the shaver slowly over the garment until the lint is gone. Once the canister that collects the lint is full, empty it out.


If you're in a bind and looking for a quick fix, look no further than a roll of masking tape. Just wrap it around your hand with the adhesive side facing out. Press the tape against the fuzzy spots on the garment. Switch to a clean piece of tape as it becomes full.

Things You'll Need


1.Fabric softener

3.Fabric shaver

2.Lint brush or roller

4.Masking tape


Tips & Tricks


Wipe out your washer after washing towels or other items that tend to shed lint. This will prevent the lint from transferring to future loads of laundry.

Take your linty garment outside and give it a good shake when you see lint on it. This will remove much of the loose lint on the clothing.


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