How to Remove Hoop Belly Button Rings

Removing a hoop belly button ring only takes a few minutes.

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Just like earrings, it's simple to change your belly button jewelry. By tackling the task of removing a hoop-style belly button ring, you can then opt for a barbell, curved half-ring or choose a fashionable stud to fill your piercing and coordinate with your outfit. If you'd like to let the piercing naturally close and heal shut, simply remove the hoop ring as instructed below and do not replace the jewelry. Like ear piercings, a navel piercing will also close naturally over time.


Wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap. Scrub under your fingernails to remove any loose dirt.


Spray a stream of fragrance-free saline solution over the piercing. Aim the saline on and around the ball end of the hoop jewelry and on the piercing site in the navel.


Dab a plain white paper towel on the jewelry and navel to absorb extra moisture and dry the area.


Rotate the hoop jewelry so the ball closure faces outward, not nestled inside the navel.


Twist the ball closure to the left to loosen it from the hoop portion of the jewelry. Remove the ball and place it aside.


Push the hoop through the navel until the open portion of the ring lines up with the navel, releasing the jewelry from the body.


Replace the ball closure on the hoop by placing the ball on the end of the hoop and twisting to the right. Store the hoop ring in a jewelry box.

Things You'll Need


1.Warm water

3.Saline solution

2.Antibacterial soap

4.White paper towel


Tips & Tricks


Take care to keep your belly button piercing clean. Each time you change the piercing, clean the jewelry and your skin to reduce chances for infection or skin irritation.


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