How do I Remove Eyebrow Wax From Clothing?


Ripping stray eyebrow hairs out from their roots hurts a little, but eyebrow wax on your clothes really stings. Luckily for you, your favorite top or cutest dress is not a lost cause. You can remove eyebrow wax in the same way you remove any wax from fabric. Think of it like the Karate Kid: wax on, wax off.


Put the clothes in the freezer and leave them there for two or three days. This will make the wax hard and dry it out.


Take the clothes out of the freezer and pick off the wax as much as possible.


Put the garment on the ironing board with a paper towel on top of the affected area and a paper towel underneath the affected area. Let the iron warm up to the maximum setting for the fabric. Press the affected area with the iron. Wax will be drawn into the paper towels.


Pour a small amount of laundry detergent on the affected area and leave it to soak in for three or four minutes.


Wash the clothes in the highest temperature water allowed for the fabric. Dry the clothes normally.

Things You'll Need


1.Paper towels

3.Liquid laundry detergent



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