How Do I Remove Elmer's Glue From Hair?


Elmer's Glue can help you rock a mohawk or other punk hairstyle because you need more than a fierce attitude to keep those spikes in place. When you want to change your look, or at least wash your hair, you'll be glad to know that Elmer's Glue is water soluble. While it may take some time, you can get it out of your hair and move on to create your next hair masterpiece.


Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water.


Coat your glue-soaked hair with conditioner.


Wrap your head in a towel for approximately 20 minutes.


Remove the towel and gently rinse the hair with warm water.


Apply the teeth of a fine-tooth comb or the bristles of a toothbrush to the affected area to loosen the glue from your hair. If the glue doesn't want to budge, repeat the wetting and conditioning process as many times as needed to remove it.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair conditioner

3.Fine-tooth comb or toothbrush

2.Bath towel


Tips & Tricks


Try a wide-tooth comb if the fine-tooth comb isn't doing the job.

You may have to repeat the steps three or four times to remove all of the Elmer's Glue from your hair. This will depend on how much glue you originally put into the hair, as well as the type of hair you have.


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Care Fair: How to Get Gum and Glue Out of Hair
Brian Rumschlag, Consumer Response Analyst; Elmer's Products Inc.; Columbus, Ohio

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