How to Remove the Dye Smell From New Jeans

Remove that yucky stench so you can enjoy your jeans to the fullest.

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Some new smells are inviting and downright delicious, such as that invigorating new-car scent or a scrumptious, fresh apple pie baking in the oven. On the other hand, there are plenty of new smells that the world could do without, such as the first time your baby needs a new diaper or a stinky pair of new jeans. The smell in your jeans comes from the dye, so setting and washing the dye should clear up that scent for you, leaving you free to enjoy the more pleasant smells of life.


Place jeans in the washing machine and add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the load.


Turn the machine on to the normal setting, which is usually cold if you don't want to shrink them.


Run a full cycle. The vinegar acts to set the dye so it won't run, while at the same time deodorizing it and removing that smell. Once the dye has been washed, the smell should disappear.


Remove jeans and hang them to dry. Smell them to see if the scent still remains. If it does, continue with Step 5.


Place the jeans back in the washing machine and add some borax. Borax is a household cleaner with many uses, including removing smells, and the container should specify how much to use for a small load.


Run the cycle as normal and then hang jeans to dry.

Things You'll Need



3.Washing machine

2.1/4 cup white vinegar



Tips & Tricks


If there's still a little lingering smell, don't despair, because it will eventually come out with subsequent washes. Don't go overboard washing your jeans or you might find that they faded before you even wore them.


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