How to Remove the Dry Skin from My Hands

Come on---you can do a lot more than apply lotion to help your dry, rough hands.

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Cold, dry air and repeated exposure to running water are two of the main causes of dry, rough skin. No one likes the look or feel of reptilian hands that are screaming out for moisture; fortunately you have the power to do something about it. Right now your scaly skin needs some major care. Afterward you'll need to lavish on the TLC to keep them smooth and silky.

Dry Skin---Disappear!


Dump three tbsp. sugar and one tbsp. olive oil into a bowl. Mix the two together until you have a gritty paste.


Stick your fingers in the concoction and gather it up. Rub the sweet, oily remedy into your scaly hands. Get ready to work---you need to keep it up for five to seven minutes.


Plunge your smoothed hands into lukewarm water to wash away gritty residue and pat dry with a towel. Slather on moisturizing cream and enjoy your new skin. Repeat as needed.

TLC Maintenance


Pour one cup lemon juice and one cup water into a bowl. Plunge your suffering skin into the mixture for two or three minutes.


Remove your hands from the lemon water and pour one tsp. olive oil into your palm. Get your massage on. Lavish those hands with attention.


Pat your softened skin with a towel to remove excess oil. Voila! Admire your lovely hands.

Things You'll Need



3.Olive oil


7.Moisturizing cream

9.Cotton towel




8.Lemon juice


Tips & Tricks


Keep a tube of moisturizing cream close by---in your bag or a desk drawer---and slick up your hands when they feel dry.

If your hands are cracked and split, please see a doctor. You definitely don't want to sugar-scrub or lemon-juice those sensitive hands.


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