How to Remove a Crease in a Silk Scarf

Keep silk scarves away from intense heat.

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A good silk scarf can last for decades with the right care. But when it comes to removing creases from silk, as the Wicked Witch said about removing Dorothy's shoes, "These things must be done delicately." Too much heat or moisture in the wrong spot can forever ruin the look of your scarf. Take heart though, there are some safe methods of smoothing out your scarf and making it crease-free.


Hang your scarf over the bar on a thick wooden hanger. Hang the hanger in the middle of a closet or any other spot with space around it. Allow it to hang overnight. The weight of the silk can draw out many creases from hanging.


Drape the scarf over an empty towel bar in the bathroom. Take a long, hot shower. The steam and heat from the shower helps the fibers in the silk to relax, allowing the folds and creases to fall out. Leave the scarf hanging for at least an hour, or until the surface is smooth.


Place the scarf on an ironing board and cover it with a pressing cloth, which is normally a clean, white cotton cloth. Set the iron to the coolest setting, which is usually marked "Silk." Press the scarf gently to remove any stubborn creases.

Things You'll Need



2.Ironing board


Tips & Tricks


Store silk scarves rolled on empty paper towel rolls or wrapping paper rolls to avoid getting creases in the future.


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