How to Remove Corns Naturally

You love your shoes, but ill-fitting ones can cause corns.

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Your favorite pointy stilettos make you feel powerful and confident, but they could also be giving you corns. Corns are rough, often painful patches of skin on the feet and toes. Ill-fitting shoes put pressure on your feet in patches, and continuing to wear tight, uncomfortable shoes can make the problem worse. Since corns are unsightly, wearing sandals in the summer can be embarrassing. Don't donate your heel collection just yet, though. Instead, remove your corns naturally and get foot-fabulous.


Soak your feet in a tub full of hot water to soften your corns. Scrub the rough area with a pumice stone or nail file.


Dry your feet and apply papaya tree sap to the affected area. Cut a lemon in fourths and cover the corn with a fresh slice. Bandage your corn tightly and remove once the lemon is dry.


Grind a licorice stick in a bowl and add enough sesame oil or mustard oil to make a paste. Apply the paste to your corns before bed and rub in. Put on socks to avoid ruining your bed linen and leave the paste on overnight to work its magic. This helps soften the skin and prevent corns from developing or getting bigger.

Things You'll Need



3.Nail file


7.Licorice stick

9.Mustard oil

2.Pumice stone

4.Papaya tree sap


8.Sesame oil



Tips & Tricks


Wear flat, comfortable shoes to work and change into your heels once you get there to avoid corn-causing pressure on your feet.

Be careful when using a pumice or file on your foot. Scrubbing too hard can cause bleeding, which can lead to infection.


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