How to Remove Black Hair Dye From Skin and Nails


That black dye was supposed to transform you into a raven-haired goddess, but the stains left behind on your skin and nails makes you look like more like a leper. Black hair dye is extremely penetrating and will cling to your skin like a sticky booger, but it's not a permanent problem. A quick trip to your medicine cabinet and a little elbow grease will remove the stains and keep you looking regal.


Squirt a bit of baby oil onto a cotton ball, and scrub the black spots with the oil. Baby oil loosens the bond between dye and skin and may lift off some staining. Grab a clean cotton ball when the old one turns gray to keep the dye from spreading as you scrub.


Pour hydrogen peroxide on a rag and press the rag over dyed skin. Peroxide is a natural bleaching agent and will pull the discoloration out of your skin. If your fingers are spotty, dump a little peroxide in a bowl and soak your hands in 10-minute increments three times a day until the dye comes off.


Fill a small bowl with pure acetone, and slip your fingers in for a soak. Leave your hands in the solution for two minutes, then scrub the top and bottom of each nail with a fingernail brush. If the black dye hangs on for dear life, soak for an additional two minutes and scrub again.


Wash your hands immediately after soaking with soap and warm water, and slather on hand cream. Acetone is a powerful solvent that will leave your skin dry and pruny if you don't rehydrate. Rub the cream into your fingertips and cuticles to prevent cracks and leave your hands soft and spot-free.

Things You'll Need


1.Cotton balls

3.Hydrogen peroxide

5.Fingernail brush

7.Hand cream

2.Baby oil


6.Hand soap


Tips & Tricks


If you have sensitive skin, just leave the spots to fade on their own. It may take a few days for the black dye to fade, but will save your skin from the damaging effects of peroxide and acetone.


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