How to Remove the Back of a Fossil Watch

Pop off the back of your watch and change the battery so you're on time.

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Because Fossil pressure seals its watch cases to make them water resistant, trying to remove the back of a Fossil watch without the proper tools can feel like an exercise in futility. The feature that seems great when you get shoved into a pool unexpectedly but can come back to bite you when it's time to replace the battery in your timepiece. Luckily, all it takes to remove the back of your Fossil watch is the proper tool and little muscle.


Turn your Fossil watch face-down so that you can see the positioning of the notches on the back of the watch case.


Adjust the tips of a three-tipped watch case opening tool to align with the placement of those notches.


Hold the watch, face-down, in the palm of your hand, and insert the tips of the case opening tool into the appropriate notches on the watch case.


Find the small adjustment knob on the watch case opening tool, and turn it to tighten the tool's grip on the notched case back.


Push down on the back of the watch case with the tool while applying equal pressure to the face side of the watch with the palm of your hand. Turn the case opening tool all the way to the right, and the back of the watch will pop free.

Things You'll Need


1.Watch case opening tool


Tips & Tricks


If you don't have a watch case opening tool, you can remove the back of your Fossil with a pair of needle-nose jewelry pliers. Insert the tips of the pliers into two of the notches on the back of the watch case and squeeze them to get a tight grip. Apply pressure to the front and back of the watch while twisting the pliers to the right.

Fossil recommends having its watches serviced by professional jewelers. Removing the back of your watch without professional assistance may void the manufacturer's warranty on your timepiece.


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