Remedy for Fingernail Ridges

Pull the plug on brittle and weak nails.

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Not many things can make a girl feel more confident and sexy than strong, healthy fingernails. Not only do they make an excellent base for nail polish, but they also make your hands look youthful and attractive. Vertical lines across your fingernails (known as nail ridges) are relatively common with aging and aren't usually cause for a freak-out session. However, a proper nail care routine can save you from the headache of that particular nail woe -- along with peeling and splitting.

Bad Habits

Many people bite or pick at their nails and cuticles, sometimes due to anxiety or even boredom. Although the habit may seem harmless (albeit a bit unsanitary), it actually can take a major toll on your nail health. Signs of poor nail health, including ridges and peeling, are only worsened by adding stress to your fingernails. So keep your nails away from your mouth and other fingers -- at all times -- no matter how bored you are during the hour before you leave the office.

Cuticle Massages

Fingernail ridges, like other nail irregularities, often point to stress. If you're cramming for a big exam or having a fight with your best pal, it may explain your nail issues. Once per week, bring back your cuticles' vitality and health by rubbing cuticle oil into them. These cuticle replenishing oils can hydrate and soften your nails while also strengthening the nail plate, helping them grow back sturdier and more resilient.


Nail buffing is by no means exclusive to movie stars on exotic island vacations. If you want to get rid of unsightly and conspicuous fingernail ridges, weekly buffing is the way to go. Use a nail clipper to cut your fingernails. Then, softly buff the top of your nails with an emery board, moving in a single direction. Always move from the cuticles to the edges when you do this.

Nail Oil

After showering but while you're still slightly wet, apply a moderate amount of nail oil (with nourishing vitamin E) all over your fingernails. Thoroughly massage the nail oil over and under your nails to ensure that they soak up the moisture. After towel drying your hands and nails, finish by putting on an alpha hydroxy acid-based moisturizer to toughen up your nails' protective barrier. The stronger your nails are, the less likely you are to encounter nasties such as ridges and splits -- and who needs those?

Ridge Filler

In between juggling a social life and all of your daily obligations, you probably don't have time to frequent the salon. For a quick and convenient fingernail ridge remedy, pop over to the drugstore and purchase a ridge filler that is designed to fill up noticeable ridges and give brittle nail layers a smooth and shiny appearance. Not only can ridge fillers conceal ridges, but they can also block other cringe-inducing nail flaws, including thinness and peeling layers.

Horizontal Ridges reports that horizontal nail ridges can occasionally be a sign of a medical condition. If your ridges run straight across, rather than up and down, consult your doctor immediately. Don't be lazy when it comes to your health -- get checked out immediately.

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