Remedy for Damaged African-American Hair

Reclaim your hair's natural beauty.

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You want your hair to be fierce, but it's frazzled. Don't feel bad. African-American hair is prone to damage because it's naturally drier than other hair types. And if you put your already fragile hair through processes such as weaving, braiding, relaxing and coloring, you're adding insult to injury. But you don't have to sit back and accept a head full of brittle, dry and damaged hair. Get started restoring your locks' natural strength and vitality.

Leave-in Treatment

If your hair is thin and constantly experiences split ends and breakage, serious repair and replenishing needs to be on the top of your "to do" list. One option is to use an overnight leave-in cream conditioner that works to bind your tired strands together again, while simultaneously fortifying your fragile and over-processed hair. Look for a rapid-absorbing intensive cream treatment that not only will handle your current woes, but will stop future ones from popping up, too.

Homemade Remedy

To pamper damaged hair in a natural and inexpensive way, nourish your damaged hair with an egg yolk mask. Increase shine and glossiness in your lackluster hair by simply blending a single egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a pair of mashed avocados (toss the pits) and one-half cup of soothing honey. Mix all of the ingredients together thoroughly until you get a soft, mushy paste. Carefully apply the paste from your root area all the way to the ends. Cover your hair -- and save your sofa's upholstery -- by donning a shower cap. Allow the mixture to sit on your head for a couple of hours. Wash it out when it begins to feel stiff.

Deep Conditioner

Try a nourishing conditioner that features soothing and softening agents such as oatmeal, shea butter and honey. Bring your tired and damaged hair back to life by deep conditioning your tresses once per week. Simply slather on the deep conditioner and let it sit on your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Wearing a shower cap or sitting under a hooded dryer will add some heat that will help your conditioner do its job.


From rain to blow-drying, a lot of things can contribute to your hair's stress level. Defend your damaged and delicate strands by applying a serum that aims to increase shine and sheen while also preventing annoying flyaway hairs and frizz. Look for a lightweight serum that has a non-greasy texture, and put a couple of dabs on either dry or slightly moist hair, concentrating on the ends. Then, begin your styling process as usual.

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