Remedies for Tired Eyes

Slice up some cucumbers to use as compresses to help relieve tired eyes.

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Eyes that are red, saggy, tired and sore just won't fit the bill when the rest of you is feeling perky and ready to party. You want to be bright-eyed as well as bushy-tailed to get your groove on. Don't panic, help is on the way. Home remedies for tired eyes really just entail giving yourself some well-deserved pampering and TLC.

Take a Break

Tired eyes demand a break, especially if your eyestrain comes from too much texting, checking your social network status or indulging in too much screen time. If you have to sit in front of a computer all day for work, give your blinkers short breaks every 20 minutes or so. Close your eyes, focus on something in the room far away or perform a mini-massage of your eyelids and temples. If you're ready and willing to indulge big time, give yourself the gift of a spa day and enjoy a facial or professional massage that can rejuvenate your tired eyes and reduce the dark bags you see and definitely don't love.

Your Chance to Shine! Or Not

Give your poor eyes better light when you're working to help reduce the strain that makes you literally see red. Nobody wants to look sad or sniffly when you're perfectly healthy and raring to go. But hold on -- better doesn't always mean more; in this case, it means less. Soft lighting on the side of your computer screen or television can reduce glares that cause your eyes to work harder. Darkness can be your friend in this case, as long as you can see what you're doing.

Soothing Goodness

Remedy your tired, sore eyes with soothing agents like witch hazel, rose petals, or artificial tears. Choose from a wide variety of products, no doubt with yummy smells and cool names, or make your own compress by slicing up some veggies. Grab a couple of moist teabags and get some shut-eye; the tannins in the tea have handy astringent qualities that can soothe and reduce puffiness. The beauty experts at "The Telegraph" recommend products that soothe, nourish and help your skin produce more collagen all at the same time. You can feel better, look fantastic and prevent wrinkles at once with a combination of rose oil and cucumber extract. Talk about killing a few birds with one stone!

Professional Help

Sometimes even rest and the hottest beauty products are not enough to get your eyes back on track. If this is bumming you out, see an eye doctor. Your tired eyes can simply be a symptom that your glasses prescription needs changing. Think of the fashion possibilities!

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