Remedies for Flyaway Hair

Keep your hair under control.

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If sexy, smooth and immaculately coiffed hair is the look you're going for, then flyaway hairs are most certainly an unwelcome sight. When your locks experience static cling and are always sticking up in every direction, it is time to do something about it. Control those unsightly hair wisps and keep them in their place.

Anti-Static Shampoo

Combat fine, pesky flyaway strands with a shampoo that is formulated specifically to reduce hair static. Many shampoos that cater toward people with particularly fine hair types also can work for eliminating static cling in hair. Seek a fortifying shampoo that reduces static cling and flyaways by increasing glossiness and strengthening your strands.

Antifrizz Conditioner

To get flyaways under control, begin with regular deep conditioning after washing your hair. Opt for an intensive deep conditioner that contains silicone, which surrounds your hair's fibers, thus making static cling less of a possibility. Seek out conditioners that consist of ingredients such as polyfluoroester, which simultaneously seal in hydration while pushing out dirt, debris and oil, enabling you to battle flyaways and frizz without having to wash and condition your hair every day.

Brow Brush

Say farewell to flyaway hairs with a brow brush, preferably one with natural bristles. Spray a light coating of your hair spray over the brush, then brush directly over your hair part. A glossy serum can also work. Do the same alongside the strands of hair that directly surround your face as well.


When styling your hair, a light application of mousse can be highly effective for eliminating flyaways. Use a volume-enhancing mousse to prevent flyaway hairs from sticking up, while simultaneously increasing your hair's bounce, resilience and hold.

Dryer Sheet

One odd yet effective technique for reducing flyaway hairs involves dryer sheets. Simply massage a fragrance-free dryer sheet all over your head to soak up any static cling. Go the extra mile and always keep a dryer sheet in your handbag or backpack in the event that you notice any last minute flyaways.

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