Relaxer Vs. Texturizer -- Which Is Best?

Deciding between a relaxer or a texturizer can be confusing.

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You have tight, coarse curls. You are ready for something different. You have talked to your friends and you are confused. For years, you thought that the best way to straighten coarse hair is with a relaxer. All of a sudden, you are hearing about how all of your friends are getting texturizers. You are not sure which one is right for you. You thought they were the same thing. According to stylist Ahsha Murphy, of Winfred's Hair Salon in San Francisco, it depends on what you want.

You Want to Get It Straight

You have made your decision. You want straight hair. So you get a texturizer, right? According to Murphy, this is when you want a relaxer. Murphy claims that "anyone with naturally curly hair can benefit from a relaxer, if they want a different look or a change from wearing natural hair. I would tell my client that a relaxer is the right choice for them if they want to wear their hair straight most of the time, added with a quick blow dry and flatiron."

Curly and Loving It

You are thinking that straight hair is not for you. You want big, silky curls. You want the kind of curls that make you look like an island princess. You know, the one with the wind blowing through her hair? That could be you. All you need is a texturizer. Murphy recommends texturizers "for a client that wants lower maintenance hair with a wash and wear curly look."

Keep Your Relaxed Hair Fresh

Once your hair is relaxed, it is important that you exercise proper upkeep. According to Murphy, "relaxed hair has to be maintained and kept healthy with weekly shampoo and deep condition treatments, either at home or in the salon. It is very important to wrap relaxed hair nightly in a silk or satin scarf to prevent breakage."

You Can Switch Up Your Texturizer

Texturized hair can also be worn straight. However, if you primarily want a straight style, a relaxer is your best bet. Texturizers give you the option. To maintain texturized curls, use a curl cream. Curl creams contain conditioning and smoothing ingredients. The result is soft, defined curls. Murphy likes Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream. Because texturizers and relaxers are both chemical processes, it is important to keep your hair conditioned with weekly treatments.

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Ahsha Murphy; Cosmetologist

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