Does Regular Use of Hair Rollers Cause Hair Loss?

Hair rollers can contribute to hair damage.

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Every woman should have a set of hair rollers in their styling bag of tricks to create easy, sexy curls. The problem is, some styling tools can be a little mean with our hair when we use them too often. If you've been noticing hair breakage or thinner hair, after regular use of hair rollers, those rollers might be contributing to your thinner tresses.

Can Rollers Cause You to Lose Your Hair?

The wicked truth is that any styling practice that pulls, tugs or excessively heats up has the potential to cause your hair to break. This goes for hair rollers if you're not using them correctly or using them too often. That's why the smart woman learns exactly how to use her styling tools correctly, so she can rock that hairstyle without causing damage.

Which Rollers Are the Worst

When it comes to different types of hair rollers, there are ones that like to play a little rougher than others. The two elements you've got to watch out for are excessive heat and excessive pulling. Hot rollers are fabulous at creating soft, touchable curls fast, but if you use them on a daily basis all that heat can dry out your hair and cause breakage. The other guilty culprits are Velcro rollers. While no other roller sticks in your hair better than Velcro rollers, the down side is no other rollers sticks to your hair and causes tangles like Velcro rollers. You need to be very cautious not to get your long hair tangled in the Velcro or you could rip a lot of hair out removing them.

Which Are the Best

If you really need to treat your hair with kid gloves there are two types of hair rollers that are total smooth operators. Sponge rollers are the marshmallows of the hair roller world and will pamper your hair like no other hair roller. You could use these everyday, let your hair dry naturally, and not risk any hair loss or damage. The other kinder, gentler roller is the magnetic roller. It's virtually impossible to get these smooth, plastic rollers tangled in your hair so no worries about breakage. Now, it does speed up the process to sit under a hood dryer when you use these, but if you air dry there's no risk of damage whatsoever.

Tips for a Great Roller Hairstyle

Do you want huge volume out of your roller set? Use larger rollers on top and set them right on the base of the section of hair you're rolling. Want less volume and tighter curls? Set the rollers below the base of the section, so the roots drag down a bit, and use a mixture of medium and small rollers.

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