How to Refresh a Leather Jacket

Clean your jacket each spring to look sharp.

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Leather jackets have a reputation for being fussy, but it's a myth. Most of the time, a leather jacket needs low-maintenance care, like a spring cleaning or refreshing. Getting your jacket ready for the season takes only a short time and pays off big. Properly cared-for jackets have moist leather, which resists cracking. Refresh your jacket when winter ends, then keep it clean and conditioned as needed throughout the year, so you always look hot.


Wipe dust and debris from your leather jacket with a damp cloth.


Use a soapy cloth to tackle dirt and spots that won't come off with a damp cloth. Wipe the soap scum off with water once you've removed the dirt.


Dry your coat with a clean towel once you've refreshed the exterior.


Apply a thin coating of leather lotion to keep your jacket soft and smooth. First test the lotion on an interior part of the coat to ensure it goes on smoothly and doesn't discolor or damage the leather. If you see no discoloration, apply the product following the manufacturer's instructions.


Finish your refreshing with a spray-on waterproofer, which protects your jacket in inclement weather.

Things You'll Need




5.Waterproofing spray

2.Dish soap

4.Leather lotion


Tips & Tricks


Condition your leather with the leather lotion every three months, according to leather goods manufacturer Wilson's Leather, quoted in "Good Housekeeping" (see Reference section).


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