How to Reduce Pimple Inflammation

A soothing cream can take away acne redness.

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Sometimes the worst part of a pimple is the redness. When your pore fills with oil and dead skin cells, it can swell. As the swelling occurs, your pimple can become redder and more pronounced. You can take steps to reduce pimple inflammation to minimize noticeability until the pimple shrivels up and goes along its merry way.


Drop an anti-redness eyedrop onto a cotton swab. Anti-redness eyedrops have anti-inflammatory properties. Gently apply the swab to the affected area, dabbing it on the bump. Swab it around the pimple itself as well for good measure.


Cover an ice cube in a cloth or plastic bag and apply it to your skin. Your pimple looks especially red because the blood vessels around your pimple are slightly swollen, making them appear reddened. The ice makes your blood vessels shrink up to reduce inflammation. Don't directly apply the ice to your skin, though.


Leave the ice on for 10 minute increments only. You can re-apply the ice throughout the day to continue reducing your pimple redness.


Apply a beauty product with soothing ingredients. For example, green tea is an anti-inflammatory addition to products like moisturizers, face washes and scrubs that can help to reduce acne redness. Finding a product that contains vitamin C also may help as well. It's a powerful antioxidant that doesn't irritate your skin, but instead takes away inflammation and makes your skin appear brighter.


Pat on a medicated concealer to cover the blemish. Medicated concealers cover the pimple redness and help reduce your pimple at the same time. Look for concealers that have blemish busters like salicylic acid or tea tree oil.

Things You'll Need


1.Medicated concealer

3.Cotton swab


2.Anti-redness eyedrops

4.Cloth or plastic bag


Tips & Tricks


To reduce the effects of redness and inflammation, look for a green-tinged concealer because it can neutralize the red of the pimple. Just pat it on delicately -- you don't want the pimple to rupture.

Remember: The goal isn't to make your skin parched and dry -- especially if you have sensitive skin -- but instead to take out the redness. Don't over-apply medicated creams because it will only dry out the skin.


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