Help for Red Marks After Facials

Ask your facialist to recommend a good moisturizer.

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You love what facials do for your skin -- once it’s had a little time to heal. If your facialist gets a little overzealous with the extractions, or you just develop some annoying red marks, you don’t have to go into hiding until your skin heals. By taking some skin-soothing measures, you can move on to looking better than ever.

Soothe With a Compress

Sometimes, red marks are the result of irritated blood vessels post-facial. To reduce the redness, you can apply a soothing compress that helps reduce irritation. One way to make this work is dipping a washcloth in ice water or milk, which is especially helpful in minimizing irritation. Leave this compress on for three to five minutes, which is long enough to allow your blood vessels to constrict, helping to fade those red marks.


You can’t neglect the power of a moisturizer when your skin has post-facial red marks. Look for one that contains soy, recommends Jeannette Graf, a New York-based dermatologist in an “InStyle” magazine interview. Soy moisturizers are designed to reduce skin inflammation and redness so your red marks can become history. Another option is to look for a balancing moisturizer, designed to deliver more moisture where your skin needs it -- like those irritated areas.

Protect Your Skin

Red marks after a facial can be especially dangerous if you expose your unprotected skin to the sun’s rays. When the sun hits your skin, it can change those temporary red spots to permanent ones -- no thank you! To reduce your red marks, apply a sunscreen or at least a moisturizer that contains sunscreen to your skin before going outdoors. While it’s really a good idea to do this all the time, make sure you keep applying for several weeks to months until your red marks subside.

Resist the Urge

While there are several ways to help reduce red marks, one surefire way to make them worse is picking at your skin. As tempting as it may be, disturbing areas of red skin can set your healing time back and lead to more permanent damage -- like skin scarring. If your skin is still red a few weeks after your facial, you may need to consult your facialist or a dermatologist to ensure the red area is not a cause for concern.

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