How to Get Red Hair Dye Off Your Hands

Clean the red dye off of your skin with toner or bleach.

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Even though the new fab red hue that lights up your locks looks fierce, the screaming red dye stains on your hands don't qualify as a fashion-forward accessory. Before you decide to slip on your woolen mittens and hide your hands from the world until the stains fade away, know that you have the power to do something. While it may take a few trial-and-error sessions, you just might be able to restore your skin back to normal or at least something close to it.

Hand Help


Slosh some alcohol-based toner or astringent into a container, and saturate a cotton pad in it. You might want to do this operation over a sink to avoid a drippy mess everywhere.


Rub, scrub and just generally put your muscles into getting rid of those red dye stains. Keep an eye on that cotton pad. As it turns red, ditch it and re-soak a fresh one.


Keep on keeping on until no more red hair dye comes off on the cotton pad. You might want to slather on some moisturizing lotion because of all that drying alcohol exposure you've just put your palms and digits through.

Nasty Nail Cleaner


Pour 3 tbsp. and 1 tsp. of water and 1 tsp. of bleach into a small container.


Dip a cotton swab into the pungent mix, and paint it on your stained fingernails with vigor.


When the cotton tip turns red, trash it and start over, fresh. Keep working at it until the cotton swab stays clean. Rinse your digits and lube up with moisturizer.

Things You'll Need


1.Cotton pads

3.Cotton swab

5.1 tsp. bleach

7.1 tsp. water

2.Alcohol-based toner or astringent

4.2 small containers

6.3 tbsp. water


Tips & Tricks


If the toner fails, take a trip to your local beauty supply store and pick up some hair color remover. Follow the instructions on the package to the letter and soon you'll be dye-free.


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