How to Know If They Are Real Chanel Earrings

Distinguish between fakes and the real deal.

Photo: John Li/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Earrings are often an accessory alternative for those who desire the craftsmanship and double-C logo emblematic of a Chanel creation. They are highly coveted by classy chicks and criminal counterfeiters alike, so it's important to do the proper research prior to purchase to ensure only authentic Chanel hangs from your lovely lobes.


Examine the earrings. They should feel heavy and solid, as Chanel's ready-to-wear and costume jewelry is made with base metals like stainless steel and rhodium. Precious metals like gold, platinum and silver are used only in the Designer, Camellia, Coco, Mademoiselle and House jewelry lines.


Look at the back of the earrings. Genuine Chanel studs will have a plastic disc backing, while hoops will have a clasp. Check for the stamp of authenticity on large stud earrings. The stamp should be clear and consist of the Chanel double-C logo. Hoops and small studs are not produced with the stamp.


Be aware of Chanel's pricing scale. Prices vary, but Chanel earrings usually start at $350. Chanel produces high-quality products, and the pricing reflects this.


Study the packaging. Many counterfeit products are packaged in authentic-looking boxes with serial numbers but are, in fact, cheaply made replicas. Genuine Chanel studs come in a black or midnight blue box with a gray background and the Chanel name written in black on a white ribbon. A black label with gold letters should be at the bottom of the box. The first line should say "Chanel." The second line should state "Paris." Beneath that should be "Made in France."


Visit Chanel boutiques or the official Chanel website and familiarize yourself with the logo and quality synonymous with the brand. Research reputable vendors of the brand prior to purchase, and keep in mind that Chanel earrings are not sold in bulk online or in discount stores. Auction sites like eBay may sell genuine Chanel earrings. Just be wary of authentic images used in place of pictures of the actual earrings being auctioned. By the time you actually get your hands on the purchase, it may be too late, and you may be stuck with a fraudulent find.

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