Razored Layered Haircuts for Short Thin Hair

Singer BC Jean rocks a messy, layered, razored cut in her hair.

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Your short, thin hair might seem impossible some days -- and you might just want to give up and sport a hat. But take heart. One way to add instant volume to your coif is with a razored, layered cut. You'll want to keep it short, as length weighs your hair down. A cropped, razor cut adds serious lift to your locks.


An asymmetrical cut is an ideal choice if you want a look that's bold and statement-making. Keep it super short in the back and longer in the front, draping across your face at a sharp angle. A far side part works best with this cut, helping to create that dramatic angle you need to rock this cut. The longer you keep the hair at the front, the sharper an angle you get.


A mohawk style is pretty bold; it takes a lot of guts to buzz the sides of your head and leave only a strip of hair down the center -- but it's a lot of fun, too. The razor can create layers throughout the hair, adding texture to help it stay in place when styling. A bit of pomade is all you need for spiking your mohawk with lots of lift.


A pixie cut is a closely-cropped cut that's longer around the top and shorter at the sides and back. There are layers throughout, creating a tapered effect at the back of the head with longer layers around the top section. The razor achieves a precise, yet soft and lightly-layered look that regular scissors simply can't.


It's essential to properly maintain a short, layered, razored haircut, which means keeping up with regular trims. A razored cut is precise, so as soon as your hair starts growing out, your cut starts to lose its shape -- and this can result in a loss of lift and just a sloppy, unattractive look overall. Typically, with a razored, layered cut, you need to see your stylist every four weeks tops, to keep it looking as fresh and fabulous as ever.

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