Which Is the Best Razor for Women's Legs?

The best razor is the one that works best for you.

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From Consumer Reports to Good Housekeeping, women's magazines and unbiased testing organizations have tested women's razors to find the best one. The conclusion is that each woman tends to have her own preference, which belies the notion that there is one incontestable best. But that doesn't mean you can't look for the features on a razor that most women prefer.

The Head

When it comes to women's razors there are a few things that deserve your attention. For example, the more blades the razor has, the closer shave you're likely to get. After all, what's the point of shaving in the first place if there's stubble left behind? Many women's razors come with moisturizing strips; these are good things. They help prevent razor burn and dry skin after your shave is done. And a pivoting head helps you go over your knees and ankles with fewer cuts.

The Grip

Taking time out of your schedule to shave with your leg propped up against the toilet is inefficient. So, women are doing double duty and shaving in the shower. If you're a shower shaver too, the grip is important. You don't want a sharp object slipping out of your hands in a wet stall. So, look for razors with rubberized grips. Also, razors that have a little bit of weight to the handle help you hang on to them better.


"Good Housekeeping" picked several razors out of a lineup as the best women's razors on the market as of 2011. The magazine picks the Gillette Venus Embrace with five blades as the best refillable razor and the Schick Quattro TrimStyle as the best refillable razor that trims your bikini line. The Gillette Venus Spa Breeze is the best razor that has gel; it takes away your need for shaving cream. And the Gillette Venus Embrace disposables is the organization's pick for the best disposable razor. Its best budget razor is the Bic Soleil Bella Disposables. "Women's Health" magazine rates the Gillette Venus Vibrance No. 1, the Bic Soleil Twilight No. 2 and Schick Quattro for women at No. 3. Lisa Lee Freeman, editor in chief of "ShopSmart," a Consumer Reports publication, suggests that each woman find her favorite by starting with the least expensive razor and working her way until she gets the results she wants.

Shaving Tips

You can cut down on skin irritation and nicks, no matter what razor you use. Use only shaving cream and moisturizers recommended for shaving. Soap dries out your skin and takes away natural oils. Don't leave your razor in the shower after you're done. It'll become dull and rust faster. Leave it in a dry place instead. As soon as your razor starts to feel dull, ditch it. Always moisturize your legs after you shave.

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