The Best Rated Dandruff Shampoo

Pick up a dandruff shampoo to keep your scalp and hair healthy and flake-free.

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For reasons you can't quite put your finger on, this is one of those issues you don't like to talk about. You look to your side during dinner to talk to a friend and notice the shoulder of your favorite black sweater looks like ... well ... let's just say it isn't snowing indoors so it must be dandruff. While it can be a bit embarrassing and obvious, using a reliable dandruff shampoo works wonders.

Classic Drugstore

If you've never really dealt with dandruff before and feel super unfamiliar with "that part of the shampoo aisle" then go with a classic. "Allure" recommends Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo. This anti-dandruff shampoo will clean up your scalp and keep your shoulders flakeless. Oh, and if your scalp has been a bit itchy lately -- it will take care of that, too. "Allure" editors rave, "its flake-fighting powers are unmatched."

Salicylic Acid

"Oh, I know what salicylic acid is! It keeps my face clear!" you exclaim in the shampoo aisle. Indeed it does -- and it can also keep your scalp clear. Since you know this ingredient works well for you, "Allure" magazine recommends Neutrogena Maximum Strength T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo. Use it one to two times weekly for a healthy scalp.

Women of Color

If you're an African-American woman standing in the haircare aisle, you have already been through the trials and tribulations of finding drugstore products that work for your hair. What's more, you read bottles wondering if your natural or relaxed hair will respond well. has this one taken care of; it recommends Pantene Relaxed & Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo because it "gets rid of stubborn flakes while also leaving hair soft and smelling incredible."

Coal Tar

You're desperate and have tried everything but nothing is really solving your problem. Calm down ... take your hat off ... and try "InStyle" favorite Neutrogena T/Gel that editors deemed Best 2005 Shampoo for Dandruff. The Original Formula shampoo works on just about any reason your scalp is misbehaving. "InStyle" explains, "Stylists and users breathe a sigh of relief with this soothing shampoo that calms an itchy, flaky scalp without a heavy chemical scent." Use at least once a week.

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