Quick Hair Weaves Using a Stocking Cap


Consider a quick weave to be a custom wig, plus the ultimate in fast hair fashion. It can be the perfect way to top off a new outfit, or cover up a bad hair day. What makes fa quick weave different than a fashion wig is that it can be made to your specifications on the cheap in as little as an hour, and even in your own home.

Capping It

Quick weaves are made on a base of a stocking cap -- a thin nylon or nylon mesh piece that resembles hosiery footies. These caps are commonly used to cover and contain the hair when wearing a fashion wig, and because of the tight fit, they make an excellent quick weave base.

Stitch or Glue?

Quick weaves are supposed to be just that -- quick. The fastest way to make a quick weave is with the use of bonding glue on a solid nylon cap. Glue strips of weft hair horizontally across the cap; use a hair dryer to make the glue set faster. If the wefts ever come loose, all you need to do is re-glue. Mesh caps are useful if you want to sew the weft hair into place, as the shape of the mesh offers an anchor for your stitches. Though sewing a quick weave may take longer, doing this process means you won't have to worry about a weft coming loose and flopping around in the middle of your day!

Hair and Wear

Quick weaves can be made out of both synthetic and human weft hair, and can be worn a variety of ways. Quick weaves can be kept one length and worn with your natural bangs out, or with a headband for a sleek look. They can also be trimmed short for a fast alternative to your long locks. Depending on the quality of hair you choose, a quick weave can last longer than a regular sew-in hair weave, because you don't have to fuss with it as much. Just pull it on and go!

Tools and Tricks

While many caps will stretch to fit over your hair, you can sew a few wig clips to the underside of the cap to make it extra secure. When made with human hair, quick weaves can be styled with all the products and tools that you would normally use on your own hair. Synthetic hair will need to be styled with steam curlers and special synthetic-hair products. It's easiest to style your quick weave on a mannequin head, which can be picked up at many beauty supply stores.

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