Quick Dreadlock Styles

Dreadlocks are easy to style when you're short on time.

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Quick styling is one of the reasons that many people love their dreads. Fussing with your loc'd 'do is the last thing that you're likely to have time for when time's ticking away. Doing nothing, however, isn't an option when you're a girl who likes to always look her best. Fortunately, there are relatively simple ways to quickly style your locks and still look as amazing as ever.


An up and out-of-the-way ponytail is a quick style that looks amazing with dreads. To pull off a dreadlocks pony, you'll need enough hair to pull up into a ponytail. The actual length depends on how long of a "tail" you want. A ponytail can sit high or low, so you must decide where yours should sit before pulling the dreads back and gathering them all in one hand. Secure the dreads using a soft band. If there's no headband handy (and your mane is lengthy enough) secure the ponytail using a few of your locks. Take several locks from the side and wrap them around your hair instead of using a band. Just don't pull too tightly. That can put unnecessary stress on your roots and thin out your locks over time.

Dread Bun

A dread bun provides a fast way to take your ponytail to a whole new level. Pull your hair up or back, just like you're making a ponytail. Once you have the hair gathered into one hand, begin to twist its length into a circle at the back of the head. Once the dreads are twisted and in the shape of a bun, hold them in place with a thin large hairband. If there are locks poking out and not behaving, tuck and arrange them in the band. For hair that's long enough for a bun, but too short to be twisted into one, gather the hair back to where you want it to sit. Use a hairband to create a ponytail, then start tucking the ends into the band.

Pull it to the Side

Pulling your locks to one side is a dread style that couldn't be quicker or more fun. With a few hair pins, you can pull dreadlocks of any length to one side and pin them in place. You'll need to choose which side of your hair to pull back. If you think one side of your face is naturally more stunning, then that's definitely the side you'll want to show more of. If one side of your hair is thinner or less attractive, let that be the side that gets put up and out-of-the-way. Twist or push the hair on that side back or up toward the opposite side. Secure the hair in place and either leave it as is or add a flower, bow or other decorative hair pin for an extra touch of sass.

Braided Dreads

Just because your hair is in dreads doesn't mean you can't braid it up. Dreads can be easily, and quickly, put into french braids. This can be a single amazing braid down the back, or it can be two french braids, one down each side. Another braiding option is to create cornrows with your dreads. Although braiding your locks is a quick way to achieve a great style, it's also a clever way to get two styles in one. By braiding your locks while they're slightly damp you'll have a great crimped style when you undo the dried braids.

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