How to Put in Single-ended Dreadlock Extensions

Use colored dreadlock extensions to shake up your look.

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Dreadlock extensions allow you to instantly lengthen dreads, incorporate colorful synthetic dreads into your locks or try out dreads before you commit to the look. Single-ended extensions can be worn for up to six weeks at a time. For one head, you'll need 100 to 120 single-ended dreadlock extensions, suggests extension maker Beautifully Chaotic Designs. The few tedious hours you spend installing the extensions, will be worth it when you show off your hot new 'do.


Use your fingers or a crochet hook to poke a hole through the roots of your natural dread. Roots are loose, so the fibers should separate easily. If the fibers do not separate by hand, push the crochet hook into the roots to separate them.


Pick up one of your single-ended dread extensions, holding it so the loop is at the top, in your fingertips, and the dread end down.


Push the loop on the extension through the hole you just made in your roots. Your crochet hook can help you do this, too.


Feed the tail of the single-ended extension through the loop in the dreadlock extension.


Pull the tail through the loop to attach the dreadlock to your own dreads.


Attach the rest of the extensions the same way.

Things You'll Need


1.Crochet hook

2.Hair elastic


Tips & Tricks


To put dreadlock extensions in hair that doesn't have dreads, feed the loop on your extension through a 1-inch-wide section of hair. Separate the hair into two pieces, then braid the two pieces of hair together with the dreadlock extension. When you reach the bottom of the hair, use a hair elastic to attach the hair to the dreads.


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