How to Put a Shoe Sole Back Together

Save your broken shoes and heels from a trip to the trash.

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Some fashion accessories can't be skimped on, and keeping up with repairs is rarely optional. While a woman might be able to get away with styling herself in slightly worn garments, worn-out shoes are a whole other matter. Regular wear and tear can take a toll on a girl's shoes, especially the soles. Broken, cracked and falling-apart soles negatively impact a shoe's usability and can quickly shorten its life. To get the most use out of a stylish shoe, stave off the ravages of time with a few basic shoe sole fixes.


Add a temporary patch over a cracked or broken shoe sole. Spread a polyester adhesive cement like Shoe Goo over the break and let it dry, or use a tire repair patch.


Glue a sole that has peeled away back onto the bottom of the shoe, using shoe repair cement or another strong adhesive. Place a heavy book or block of wood onto the shoe for a few days, to make sure that the shoe adheres to the sole.


Add stability to an inside break by gluing a scrap of leather to the inside of the shoe, over the weakened area.


Resole the shoe completely. Peel off the old, broken sole and glue a new sole onto the bottom of the shoe with shoe repair cement.


Attach a new heel tip to a broken high-heeled shoe. Pull off the old heel tip, using a pair of pliers, and secure the new tip on the shoe with a few strikes of a hammer.

Things You'll Need


1.Strong adhesive or tire repair kit

3.Heel tip


2.Leather scraps



Tips & Tricks


Patching and other temporary fixes will only last so long before the sole begins to break down again. For a more permanent solution, bring your shoe to a cobbler.

Use only adhesives that are intended for shoe repair and will not react badly with your shoe's material.


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