How to Put in a Layered Hair Weave That Comes in Four Different Lengths

Skip your short, boring style with a set of layered weaves.

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If you find yourself staring enviously at your girlfriend’s luscious layered locks, why not amp up your short tresses with a layered weave? Weaves are simply bands of either natural or synthetic hair attached to wefts that add length and volume to your natural hair. Clip-on layered weaves are the simplest way to change your style, so grab a comb and get your weave on.


Arrange your extensions by length, with the longest, fullest piece at the front of the line. The longest piece clips in first, and the pieces gradually get shorter as you near the crown.


Create a U-shaped horizontal part along the back of your head, beginning from the bottom of your left ear and wrapping around to the bottom of your right ear. Clip all the hair above the part on top of your head and comb the hair below the part down flat.


Open the small clips on the weft of the longest extension by squeezing them between your thumb and forefinger. Insert the small teeth on the weft along the part, very close to the scalp. Pull down gently on the extension to wrap a few natural hairs around the teeth, and snap the combs closed.


Unclip the rest of your hair and separate another U-shaped part running from the middle of your left ear around to the middle of your right ear. Clip the second-longest weave on to your hair at the part, smoothing the weave down with your hands for a natural look. Don’t pull the weave too far down or you’ll end up with an ugly gap that exposes the weft.


Divide your remaining natural hair in thirds, and secure the upper two sections at your crown. Clip the third weave onto this bit of hair, combing out any tangles before application. If you pull the weave down too far, unclip it and replace it right up next to the scalp.


Split your last bit of natural hair in half, and clip the shortest weave on the lower section. Comb out the top piece of free hair and arrange it over the final extension to conceal your weave and leave your locks long, full and luxurious.

Things You'll Need


1.4 lengths of layered hair weaves

3.Hair clips



Tips & Tricks


Wash your hair before installing your weave, but skip heavy conditioners. Too much conditioner leaves your hair slick and may cause your weave to slip out.

Don’t leave clip-in weaves on for more than a day or two without checking for gaps. Nothing screams “fake” like exposed wefts.


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