What Do You Put on a Chemical Burn Caused by Hair Perm?


When you get a chemical perm, you expect to come out with a head full of curly locks or super-straight and sleek tresses, depending on the type of perm. What you don't expect to get out of the appointment is burned, yet because of the strength of the perm chemicals, it is a possibility. Treating the chemical burn properly is the key to ensuring that you don't have lasting effects from it. However, if the pain and irritation persists for a day or two, consult a physician to ensure that the problem isn't more severe than you initially thought.


Flush the surface area of the skin in contact with the chemicals from the perm. In most instances, this will be the ear, neck, hairline or forehead area, since the perm is being applied to the hair; it can also be on the hands if gloves aren't used during the application process. Wash it off the skin with warm water before applying additional medications to treat the pain from the burn.

Burn Ointment

If the burn is stinging your skin, apply a topical burn ointment after you've cleaned the area thoroughly. Use a light application of the ointment on the affected area and reapply as dictated on the package directions. Clean the area first to ensure that you've gotten any remaining perm cream off of your skin.

Sterile Bandage

Once you've cleaned the affected area thoroughly, place a sterile bandage on it. This keeps impurities and other hair products from further irritating the affected area. Place the bandage directly over the burned area after cleaning and applying the topical ointment. Use surgical tape to secure the bandage in place if it does not already have an adhesive.


Apply a line of petroleum jelly or skin protectant around the hairline to guard against a chemical burn. This will provide your skin with a barrier against the perm cream. If any of the perm gets into your eyes or if you ingest it, flush the chemicals with water immediately and contact poison control for further instruction.

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