What Do You Do for a Puffy Eyebrow?

Waxing your brows can cause puffiness.

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Whether you had some swelling after an eyebrow waxing or have allergies that just won’t quit, your eyebrow seems to be swelling, leaving you with an expression just shy of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. While baggy, puffy eyelids seem to get all the attention, that doesn’t make it any less possible that you could experience a puffy eyebrow from time to time. Always consult your doctor for an unexplained puffy eyebrow, especially if the at-home steps to treat your eyebrow don't seem to be working.

Waxing Ouch

Tweezing or waxing away stray eyebrow hairs can hurt even the toughest of the tough. If you have a puffy eyebrow to show for it, you can do some damage control by applying an aloe vera-containing gel or lotion. Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce redness and swelling. If this doesn’t work, you also can try a skin-soothing hydrocortisone cream. For painful and puffy eyebrows, you can take two ibuprofens to reduce swelling and relieve pain.

Cold Compresses

From allergies to running into a door/wall/blunt object, the reasons are numerous why your eyebrow can appear puffy. To combat these woes, you can try applying a cold compress to the swollen area. Accomplish this by wrapping ice cubes sealed in a plastic bag or a frozen bag of vegetables in a towel and then applying to your eyebrow for 10 minutes. The cold temperature will help to shrink irritated blood vessels, thus reducing swelling. Repeat as needed throughout the day to keep puffiness at bay.

At-Home Remedies

Some other fixes for a puffy eyebrow include drinking more water. If your puffy eyebrow seems to be the result of water retention, drinking more water can encourage your body to flush the water out of your system. Tapping gently on your eyebrows -- just light pats will do -- also may help to encourage some of the fluid puffing up your eyebrows to go away.

Call Doctor

If your eyebrow is puffy after dying your eyebrows or your eyebrows don’t seem to be responding to other treatments, if may be time to call your doctor. Skin that is red and irritated, and seems to be spreading to other portions of your eye also can indicate it’s time to call your doctor. Because potential eye infections are no laughing matter. The sooner you get your eyebrow or eyebrows checked out, the faster you can be on your way to getting better.

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