The Best Protein Hair Filler

Stop the abuse by giving your hair a peace offering: protein filler.

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If you believe in hair redemption, it’s time you met the product most capable of doing just that. Protein hair fillers rescue tresses abused by years of bleaching, dying, perms and mistreatment. Think of it as a knight in shining armor rescuing your hair, minus the horse. When your hair refuses to hold color or curl, no matter how nicely you speak to it, hunt down a bottle of this magical elixir and pour it over your head. There aren’t many brands on the market, so your search shouldn’t take longer than a speed dating round or two.

Know How it Works

Before you figure out which protein hair filler is to be your new BFF, it helps to know how it works. You over-dye your hair. The strands start to look like Swiss cheese after a while, leaving your hair vulnerable to breakage, fried ends and damage best kept between you and your pillow. Protein hair filler comes to the rescue by moving into the hair shaft like a new renter with a hefty security deposit. The liquid bonds to the hair surface, filling in damaged holes so your dyed hair appears to be healthy and happy. Well, maybe not happy, but you get the point.

Stylist Choice Award Winner

According to Joico's K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor web page, this little product is hot. It earned the “Stylist Choice Award Winner” for 11 years in a row, and you may not want to get in its way next year. Five-star reviews abound — there are no 4s. Here’s why: “I plan on using this product every day for-forever!!!” raves a reviewer and you’d need a basket to hold all of the “Amazing,” “Fantastic” and “I think I’m in love” posts lavished across the filler’s web page. “Over the years I have tried to find a replacement, trying every professional product that claimed to be a protein reconstructor. K-Pak beats them all, all the time! Please, please don't ever change it!” If you can find a way to top that, have at it.

The Five-Lipstick Prize

On the MakeupAlley website, visitors award up to 5 lipsticks when rating products. Consumers evaluating protein hair products agree that Colorful Neutral Protein Filler is the best of the best because it’s cheap and known to perform the occasional miracle on hair that seemed unsalvagable. A whopping 87 percent of site visitors say they plan to buy it again. “Beautiful results every time,” says a woman who dubs it her “life saver.” “This stuff is awesome!” another enthuses, “my hair looks fan-freaking-tastic!” “Oh my goodness, this stuff is AMAZING...” another Colorful user raved. “Fixed it as normal...GORGEOUS!!! This tiny bottle is capable of miracles! 10 STARS!!!” Guess she forgot the max tribute is 5 lipsticks.

A Filler Worthy of a Tribute

Browsing, you find that fans of Aphogee Two-step Treatment Protein for Damaged Hair take to the site to express their love for this product. What's not to love? Aphogee claims to stop breakage and restore badly damaged, color-treated, relaxed or permed hair in six weeks. “I love the results! Will definitely repurchase and incorporate this into my routine,” says a believer. “Works Amazingly,” adds a woman who searched in vain for a hair fix until she found Aphogee Two-Step. To show her gratitude, she wrote a 600-word essay describing her hair redemption journey. Even if the urge to wax poetic about your filler strikes, keep yours to 100 words so readers can get to the beauty supply store before it closes.

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