Products to Use When Hot Combing Black Hair


Using a hot comb is an old-school method of straightening black hair. Those in the know might remember Grandma mercilessly pulling the hot comb through your hair before church on Sunday morning or for special occasions. You're a big girl, now, so it's up to you to get the low down on products that give silky, smooth results when using a hot comb.

Petroleum Jelly

The age-old remedy still works: If you lightly smear petroleum jelly along your hairline, you can stave off those nasty burns received from the mishandling of a hot comb. Don't smear it on extra thick or you will never get it off and your skin will look shinier than Rudolph's nose. A light coating can act as a protectant against burns and moisturize your skin a bit in the process.

Heat Protectant

Just like the stuff you apply to your hair to protect it when you use a flat iron, you need something to protect your hair as you drag the hot comb through it. Apply a heat protectant before you use the hot comb (or any other heat styling tool for that matter), so that the heat from the comb doesn't cause dry and brittle locks after a period of regular use.

Baking Soda

No, not for your hair, but rather for your hot comb itself. Like most styling tools, it works much better when you don't have a ton of grease, gel and other styling products built-up on the comb portion (which, by the way, you are dragging through your freshly cleaned locks). A little water with baking soda on your hot comb can leave it nice and clean and ready to straighten your locks.

Additional Tips

Keep in mind that there is such a thing as too hot when you are using a hot comb. Keep the temperature as low as possible and just like a flat iron, limit its use to just a few times a week, at most. Your hair can sustain some serious damage from regular heat styling, and that even includes old school styling tools like a hot comb.

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